Do you often search online for reviews of products in the internet marketing space?

If yes, you’ve probably seen offers like “Buy this product through our affiliate link and get $20K in bonuses.”

But, are you really getting $20K of value?

Here’s what’s really happening:

How do these affiliate marketers create their bonuses?

They use techniques like these:

  • They find outdated products from 2015 with PLR (private label rights) and they rebrand (rename) them.
  • They take someone else’s software or WordPress plugin, without permission, and offer it as a bonus.
  • They download other peoples’ Youtube videos, change the name of the video file, and send you the .mp4 file.
  • They link to apps freely available online.

We know this is happening, because we buy many products ourselves, and we’ve seen all this with our own eyes.

Why this is a trap that will keep you a slave

These affiliate marketers bet on the greed people feel naturally.

When someone hears “$20K bonus pack”, their eyes light up with dollar signs.

This is a great way for some affiliate marketers to take advantage of beginners who can’t tell who tells the truth, and who tells lies.

You can’t make money online by just consuming more products, or by collecting “bonuses” that gather digital dust on your computer.

So, next time you hear of a “$20K bonus pack”, realize these people aren’t putting $20K cash in your bank account. This is just a scheme for them to empty your bank account. 

These people try to brainwash you, and they don’t have your best interest at heart.

So, what can you do?

You’ll make money by following a simple system you can understand.

One that doesn’t confuse you.

That’s why we only offer you relevant that will help you get the best results from a product you buy. 

Sometimes we create these bonuses from scratch, and sometimes we negotiate bonus deals for you with product creators.

The bonuses are simple and “do this, do that”. They point you in the right direction, without overwhelming you. And they will show you how to earn a full-time online income ethically, legally, and as efficiently as possible.