Do you often search online for reviews of products in the internet marketing space?

If yes, you’ve probably seen many “review” sites. 

But, are you really getting a review? Or just a glorified sales pitch?

What most review sites do

  • They just copy and paste parts of the salespage (really now?).
  • They use hype (just look at the exaggerated claims and all the exclamation marks).
  • They give 5 stars to “quality”, “support”, “price” etc. Right.
  • They say “we couldn’t find any cons” (how convenient).
  • They often copy each other’s review and rewrite it with a text spinning app (this explains the sentences that make no sense).
  • They give questionable bonuses.

Why we don’t do any of that

  • We’re in this for the long haul.
  • We can only succeed long term, if you succeed and if we earn your trust.
  • If we go for the cheap tricks or lazy shortcuts, we are doing a disservice to both you and us.
  • We believe in win-win, and that’s why we’ll always try to point you in the right direction. 🙂